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If Not Nows inaugural campaign earlier this year was Passover-themed; members staged mock Seders to protest the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Join us in prayer, song, and inspiring text that interweaves Immigrant Justice, the Movement for Black Lives, and Palestine throughout the new years themes of reflection, return, and renewal, JVPs website reads, announcing this High Holiday venture. Critics of JVPs politics Israel-related or otherwise are also critical of the groups forays into Jewish liturgy. Speaking in the Algemeiner, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, executive vice president of New Yorks Board of Rabbis criticized JVPs High Holiday efforts . We use this time to strengthen relationships with one another, Potasnik said, not denigrate and sully the name of Jews. JVPs rabbinical council, which oversees efforts like the live-streamed services, was founded by Rabbi Brant Rosen, a high-profile Chicago rabbi and vocal critic of Israel. All of the spiritual leaders participating also belong to the council. Email Sam Kestenbaum at and follow him on Twitter at @skestenbaum The Forward's independent journalism depends on donations from readers like you. Sam Kestenbaum Sam Kestenbaum is a staff writer for the Forward. Before this, he worked for The New York Times and newsrooms in Sana, Ramallah and Beijing. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @skestenbaum and on Instagram at @skestenbaum .

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