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Visit Seoul: The Unintended Undertones of Sex Tourism

Instead it faced immediate backlash due to its apparent sexualization of women’s bodies and unintended undertones about sex tourism. This prompted Seoul City Government to cancel the original design, only several days after introducing it to the public. The ad depicts the silhouette of a woman wearing a traditional Korean hanbok dress against the backdrop of one of three well-known tourist sites in Seoul: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun, and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). (Source: Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government) Some South Koreans criticized the ad of sexually commercializing the female body in order to attract foreign tourists. The suggestive manner in which the female character is holding the goreum bow on her chest could also be interpreted as an act of undressing, critics said. Some argued that the phrase “Unforgettable experience in Seoul,” coupled with the picture of the woman, could sound like an invitation to experience sexual pleasures during one’s stay in the South Korean capital. An official at Seoul City’s international press team, who refused to be named, citing official rules, said the city acknowledged that the ads could be viewed in a negative light. The intention was to highlight the traditional beauty of South Korea in light of the recent trend of foreigners wearing hanboks when they come to Seoul. When pressed about the choice of a female character to embody traditional beauty — as opposed to a man — the spokesperson said the female figure fitted well with the beautiful line of the hanbok. “[The ad] suffers from a poverty of the imagination, which fails to go beyond the gisaeng tourism of the 1970s and 80s,” tweeted Oh Hyun-joo, co-founder of civic group People’s House .

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Daftar Gelar The Minions usai Indonesia Open 2018 - 5 Turnamen Tersisa untuk Tegaskan Dominasi

Jika menilik dari level turnamen yang diikuti, ini menjadi turnamen ke-12 yang dapat dimenangi oleh Marcus/Kevin. Uniknya, dua turnamen yang baru dapat mereka menangi tahun ini semuanya digelar di Indonesia. Turnamen Indonesia Masters yang tahun ini setara dengan level superseries menjadi gelar pertama yang diraih oleh The Minions pada tahun 2018. Marcus/Kevin yang mulai terbiasa dengan suasana baru Istora Senayan melanjutkan tren positif mereka dengan menyabet podium tertinggi Indonesia Open 2018. Sementara itu, masih ada beberapa turnamen level atas yang belum dapat ditaklukkan oleh Marcus/Kevin. Adalah Denmark Open, French Open, Thailand Open, Singapore Open, dan Korea Open yang merupakan turnamen level superseries/premier yang belum memberikan keberuntungan bagi Marcus/Kevin. (Baca Juga: Dua Pertanda Dani Pedrosa akan Pensiun dan Bukannya Gabung ke Yamaha ) Denmark Open dan French Open tahun ini akan masuk dalam turnamen level BWF World Tour 750 atau setara superseries premier. Adapun Thailand Open, Singapore Open, dan Korea Open berada di level World Tour 500 yang setara dengan superseries. Turnamen terdekat adalah Thailand Open 2018, namun keduanya dipastikan tidak tampil pada ajang yang digelar mulai Selasa, 10 Juli mendatang. Berikut daftar turnamen BWF yang pernah dimenangi oleh Marcus Fernaldi Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo .

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